About Charlie.


I’m Charlie & I’m a 28 yr old ginger kid from Somerset, who has swapped green fields, good cider & The Wurzels for London, concrete & being jammed up against strangers on the tube six days a week.  & I love it.

I started out life as a scientist, realised at the end of my degree that I didn’t have the love for it anymore & made a life U-turn.  In 2012 I took a part-time course at a drama school & you can currently find me waving programmes at unsuspecting theatre-goers in the West-End.

I like artycrafty things, theatre, knitting, baking, charity-shopping & pear cider.. I don’t claim to be a professional at all of these things (except maybe the cider). But I’ll give most things a go.

You should drop me a line if there’s anything else you want to ask, or if you just fancy a chat. I don’t bite, much: chasemecharlie@live.co.uk



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