i knit, therefore i am

The past few days have been pretty busy, so I haven’t had the time to sew.  (I live in a very small flat, so getting my sewing machine & ironing board out means that I have no space left in which to do anything else, so I tend to commit an entire afternoon/evening to it when I get the chance.)  However yesterday I had a full day off, so I made the most of having an excuse to be completely lazy, pulled the sofa bed out & made a nest in front of the TV.

It might only be the end of June but I’m going to talk about the C word.. (no, not that one).  Christmas.  I’m already making a start on a few presents that I want to knit for various people as December always seems to creep up behind me without fail every year.

So, Christmas-present-number-one:  Toy food for my smallest niece.  There’s a massive amount of patterns available on ravelry (ravelry.com) – It’s my go-to place for finding knitting patterns & is basically amazing & you should sign up right now! (I haven’t updated my projects for ages but you can find me here: chasemecharlie )

& here is what I have so far.. Most of these patterns call for double pointed needles (DPN’s) or a circular needle.  I really struggled when I first started out using DPN’s, it’s a bit like wrestling with a hedgehog but I promise you that you will get the hang of it!  Most of the things I knit now are with DPN’s & it opens up a whole new area of patterns to try out.


These are from fluff & fuzz on ravelry: carrot   I didn’t have enough of the green wool to make more than one leaf for each carrot, but I think they still look OK.


An orange:



Pattern available from carrie-bee.com here, and also on ravelry.  I can’t walk past a ball of wool in a charity shop without picking it up, so I have a lot of odd sized balls (ahem) in various fibres, colours and weights, so little project-y bits like this are good for using them up & this pattern is great!  Perfect for keeping your hands busy in front of the TV.


An apple:



Pattern ‘Mrs Saucy Apple’ from pcakeknits over here  – There’s also a really useful video on using DPN’s at this link.  & on ravelry: Mrs Saucy Apple

Ice cream:


I love this pattern so much.  It’s called ‘Scooped’ and is available from i-like-lemons here, & on ravelry here: Scooped.  I’ve made these before for my oldest niece and they’re brilliant.  It’s a slightly more complex pattern than the other ones here, but so worth it.




I made this last night in my cosy little duvet & pillow pile in front of the TV & I’ll probably make another one to go with it as I have a pink wool with the same flecks in it.  Pattern is from  doortje-d doughnut and also on ravelry: Doughnut


Plus these beautiful looking cherries, also from i-like-lemons: Knit Cherries  which are currently still on my needles as a work in progress.


Charlie xx

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