new look 6262, part 2

So far it all seems to be going ok.  I accidentally cut the back bodice piece a size smaller than I needed, but it still seems to fit alright so I’m not too worried about that.  This is definitely the most complex pattern I’ve sewn so far but I’ve been double checking the instructions as I go & haven’t had to unpick anything yet, hooray!

Apologies in advance for the dodgy photo quality.. My camera has finally given out on me, so I’m using my phone & the colours never come out right.  Anyway, I’ve got as far as putting darts into the bodice & attaching the sleeves and skirt to it.  Sewing gathers is completely new to me & I couldn’t get it to work by using a baste stitch & pulling it (I think my fabric may be a little too heavy for that?) so I pinned the centre of the skirt to the centre of the bodice, then pinned it into quarters & so on until it was all pinned down.  I don’t think I explained that very well & forgot to take a photo, but they’ve turned out quite nicely.


Also my seams don’t line up 100% but they’re close enough, so for a first attempt at something I’m pretty pleased with them & you won’t see it unless you’re peering very closely at me whilst I’m wearing it, which would be a bit odd.

Now I’m just waiting for the zip to arrive in the post & hopefully I’ll have the time to finish it off over the next week.  I forgot to shorten the bodice pieces to my own back of neck to waist measurement, but it seems to fit at my actual waist when tried on, although the bodice seems to gape a bit at the top around the neckline.  That’ll be something to think about when the zip arrives – I’m already watching a lot of YouTube videos about putting zips in so hopefully it won’t be as scary as it seems now!


Charlie x

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