blackberry & apple jam recipe.

Today was D Day. Or J Day if you prefer.. I spent a lot of time reading up various jam recipes & techniques in books & on the net & I’ve come up with this one. So here we go! A jam recipe for beginners & the terrified!


– 1 kg blackberries
– 750g apples, peeled, cored & cut into small chunks.
– 1.5kg caster sugar
– 125ml of water
– tsp nutmeg
– tsp cinnamon


i. First you need to sterilise your jars. Place them on a sheet of greaseproof paper on a baking tray & put them into the oven at 100c for a good 20-30 mins. Also place two side plates into your freezer for the set-test later on.
ii. Place the apples & water into a large pan & simmer gently with the lid on for 10-15 mins, or until soft. Add the blackberries & simmer for a further 5 minutes.

iii. Turn the heat right down & add the sugar gradually, stirring all the time until it has dissolved. (1.5kg is a truly epic amount of sugar.. I didn’t appreciate quite how much until it was all in the bowl infront of me. I could almost feel my teeth rotting in my head!)

iv. Once all the sugar is dissolved bring the jam to the boil. Also if you haven’t put your side plates in the freezer yet do this now. Beware boiling hot jam! My pan spat quite a lot, so I wore a jumper & kept a damp cloth with me to wipe up spills before the entire kitchen became sticky.)

Boiling jam! The pink foam is the ‘scum’. If you’ve washed your fruit thoroughly before hand it probably doesn’t contain twigs & dead flies, so it is up to you whether you spoon it off the top or stir it back in.

v. Boil the jam for a good 20-25 mins, then when it starts to get thicker and more gloopy in consistency fetch one of your plates from the freezer. Drip a bit of the jam onto it, leave it a few minutes & then run a finger through it to check whether it’s set. If it’s set properly it should wrinkle up a little when you put your finger on it.

Finished jam:

vi. If your jam passes the set-test then it’s finished! Turn the heat off, fetch your jars from the oven & ladle the jam into a jug before pouring into jars. (Or ladle it directly in if you’re feeling brave!)

Leave it to cool & voila! Lovely home made jam, perfect presents for people who don’t mind a seedy jam. I got 6 1lb jars from this batch. They’ll keep in a cool dry place for up to 12 months, but once open bung them in the fridge.

There, that wasn’t so scary now was it!?

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